Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Increase Your Health...Exercise!

What can we gain from daily exercise??


Researchers have studied the effects of exercise on longevity, but the exact number of years gained from exercise varies among studies.  Overall, results confirm that regularly engaging in at least a moderate level of physical activity can help you age well and feel better in later years.  Some of the benefits include:

ü  Lower risk of death and disability from heart disease

ü  Lower risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol

ü  Lower risk of premature death

ü  Lower risk of type 2 diabetes

ü  Lower risk of colon and breast cancers

ü  Healthy weight

ü  Healthy muscles, bones and joints

ü  Better sleep and digestion

ü  Better mental skills

ü  Better balance and less risk of falling

ü  Better sports performance and more energy

Incorporate a variety of activities into each day that produces balanced fitness – aerobic activity for cardiovascular health, strength exercises for stamina, and stretching for flexible joints.