Thursday, September 11, 2014

Think Mindfully

Think Mindfully
Reduce Stress and Anxiety with your Mind

As a means to deal with the stress of everyday life, more and more people are turning to a new day-to-day approach, consistently tuning into the idea of thinking “mindfully”.

Why is thinking “mindfully” a great approach to reducing anxiety and stress, and why are so many people joining the “Mindful Revolution?”

Studies show again and again that stress directly relates to increased illness, irritability and an overall less than appreciated lifestyle. Phone notifications, constant contact from work, friends, family, Facebook followers and chaotic reminders of things that were due yesterday make it almost impossible to turn the “to-do” list off.

Often, our daily activities consumer our entire attention span- leaving us to go on without noticing things going on around us, even things as simple as the leaves changing colors in the fall.

The Mindful Revolution uses teachings from Zen, Buddhist, and other meditation rich practices to help people learn to reduce their anxiety levels. Physicians, business leaders, the U.S. Government, Universities and individuals alike are taking steps to learn more about how to think mindfully to deal with stress. As quoted by Time, “[after opening] a stress-reduction clinic at UMass based on meditation and mindfulness, almost immediately, some of the clinic’s patients reported that their pain levels diminished. For others, the pain remained the same, but the mindfulness training made them better able to handle the stress of living with illness,” (Pickert, The Mindful Revolution).

How to get started:
1.   Research- find the resources nearest and available close to you
A.   Review the Time article, The Mindful Revolution from February 2014
B.   Visit the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness website and explore the offerings the website provides (

2.   Find a Mindfulness center near you. For resources in Ohio, visit the University Hospitals “Services” section of the website here: