Thursday, September 11, 2014

Health Radar

More and more health professionals are coming forward-stating by taking too many antibiotics and medicines, people are actually putting themselves at a greater risk of become ill.

By taking antibiotics for every illness, including the common cold, remedies taken to cure an illness actually reduces the amount of your body's bacteria- good and bad, killing off good bacteria your body naturally needs to support itself. 

A current study reveals that within the past two decades, the increase in antibiotics usage has had a direct relationship to the rise of several diseases including:

1. Obesity
2. Asthma
3. Diabetes
4. Celiac disease 
5. Autism 

Research into what can be done to replace the missing bacteria in your body's system is underway, however healthcare professionals suggest starting with these simple steps:

1. Limit antibiotic use- ask yourself, "Do I really need an antibiotic for this ailment?"

2. Keep hand sanitizers and antiseptic cleaning   products to a minimum- only use these products during flu season or after someone has recovered from an illness.

3. Eat your way to a healthier microbiome- start with apples, pears, legumes, and other sources of foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics 

4. Take prebiotic and probiotic supplements

*Source: Health Radar- Vol. 4, Issue 6