Thursday, September 11, 2014

Good and Cheap: A Landmark Resource for Eating Healthy on a Restricted Budget

Eating healthy on a restricted budget definitely comes with its obstacles. Not only does unwarranted stress present itself as your new best friend due to the lack of ability to eat the foods you want, throwing all of life's other responsibilities into the mix including children, your job or job search, household responsibilities, and numerous other things, eating for your health presents a challenge. 

If you've ever found yourself in a similar situation, there is now a great resource for eating healthy on a restricted budget.

Canadian native Leanne Brown's Good and Cheap is a great guide to eating healthy when money is tight. Brown first started work on the book after she noticed a glaring problem with the United States' ability to provide nutritious food to millions of Americans relying on SNAP. Brown writes in the "About My Choices" section of her book,

My intent was to create satisfying food that doesn't require you to supplement your meals with cheap carbohydrates to starve off hunger. I strove to create recipes that use money carefully, without being purely slavish to the bottom line (Brown 6).

Good and Cheap features recipes created and prepared for around $4 per recipe. The book holds over 100 recipes and also teaches how to come up with diverse meals based on what is available at the local grocery store during various seasons. The book is available for free download at:

Here are some delicious looking recipes from Brown's book: